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Firefox Prism: Website to Application

Tweet Firefox launched a new add-on to convert any website into an application. Separate process: When the webapp goes down or locks up, I don’t want anything else affected. Thankfully, Firefox does have session restore, but that is beside the point. When I open many tabs and have several webapps running in a browser, things […]

Omniture Vs Corematrix Vs Google Analytics

Tweet Having worked on a few web analytics tools I realized every tool had something different to offer. Usually web analytics tool is a business team’s favorite part of the website. These tools measure everything from user behavior, to search engine traffic, to real-time visitor tracking. All marketing strategy is based on this information and […]

Web Developers can now try Adobe BrowserLab for FREE

Tweet Adobe is offering limited free preview of BrowserLab, the latest Adobe hosted service for web professionals. BrowserLab enables the web professionals to preview and test the web pages on leading browsers and operating systems – on demand. As per Adobe: “Adobe BrowserLab makes it easier and faster than ever before to see how your […]

Yahoo 360 to close on July 13, 2009

Tweet Yahoo 360° is closing on July 13, 2009. Fortunately for 360 users (though I doubt there are many) Yahoo is giving an option: “To stay connected, we recommend moving your content and posts to your new profile on Yahoo!. After July the 12th, you will not have access to anything on 360°.” I remember […]

Caching Problem with AJAX Request

Tweet Problem Scenario: Subsequent AJAX request to server is not getting the new data. Code on the server is not being executed after the first request. Solution: The simplest way to resolve all the above issues is by making every request to the server a new and unique request. This way every time you or […]

How to create your own ReTweet Button and Short URLs for WordPress Blog?

Tweet I was using tweetmeme wordpress plugin to create a retweet button for my posts. The most annoying feature of that button was that when you click on the button it would Re-Tweet your blog post (Title + Shortened URL) using their own Twitter Id i.e. “RT @tweetmeme <message>”. So, its like all the credit […]

Struts 2.0 Explained in Brief!

Tweet HighLights of Struts 2.0: Action classes are simplified POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects). Any Java class with execute() method can be used as an Action class. Struts 2 doesn’t supports the ActionForm. Most of the configuration elements in the Struts 2 configuration have default values, so there is no need to set values unless […]

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) & Eclipse

Tweet Step 1) Create Eclipse Project: C:\gwt-windows-1.4.60>projectCreator -eclipse ShankyDemoPrj -out myCode/ShankyDemoDir Step 2) Create GWT Code Sample: C:\gwt-windows-1.4.60>applicationCreator -eclipse ShankyDemoPrj -out myCode/ShankyDemoDir com.shankydemo.client.GWTDemo Step 3) Setup Internationalization: C:\gwt-windows-1.4.60>i18nCreator -eclipse ShankyDemoPrj -out myCode/ShankyDemoDir com.shankydemo.client.GWTDemoConstants Fig 1: Shows output at Command Line after running the above commands. To create/update the Java constant file run the newly created […]

Can you change innerHTML of IFRAME?

Tweet IFRAME tag in HTML doesn’t has innerHTML attribute/property which could have been used to change the content of IFRAME without changing “SRC”. If your IFrame is defined like : <iframe name=’myIFRAME’ > </iframe> In your javascript function you can change innerHTML of IFRAME using: document.myIFRAME.document.body.innerHTML = ‘yourHTML’; similarly you can change innerHTML of components […]

AJAX and XML Response

Tweet If you want to return XML as a response to AJAX request, there are few things which needs to be taken care of: 1) Set the content type of the response as xml: response.setContentType(“application/xml”); Otherwise function xmlHttpRequest.responseXML would return a null object and the XML you are trying to return as response would be […]

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