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How to get Google Wave invite/invitation?

Tweet Here is one of the ways to get Google Wave invites. Follow @goowaveinvites on Twitter and ReTweet (RT) the below message. RT @goowaveinvites we got some google wave invites… you need one? RT this !! #googlewave #wave However there is no guarantee that you will be sent an invitation but there is no harm […]

Eliminate Hunger: Upgrading to IE8 from IE6 = 16 meals by Microsoft and Feeding America

Tweet If you are still using Internet Explorer 6 then here is your chance to eliminate hunger by upgrading IE8. Microsoft has extended it “Browse for Better” program. In a recent tweet update by Microsoft’s IE (@ie) it said “If you’re still using IE6 and upgrade to IE8 this month, we’ll donate 16 meals to […]

Review & Highlights: Updated Facebook (3.0) App now available for Apple iPhone

Tweet The much awaited update for Facebook application for iPhone is now available on iPhone’s app store. It is available in iTune’s app store since yesterday (download link). If you are not able to see the application in your update list (as in my case) just delete the application from your phone and re-install the […]

Google introduces comics themes for iGoogle

Tweet Check the page (screen-shot below) where you can customize your personalized Google home page i.e. iGoogle page. Check out more details on Comic Con here : http://www.comic-con.org/

Now Gmail has Auto-unsubscribe

Tweet Gmail now helps you auto-unsubscribe from mailing lists. This is on the top of the one of the best spam filter for a free online email service providers. From Google’s Official announcement: Auto-unsubscribe We don’t think you should be burdened with managing messages you don’t want to receive. We do our best to put […]

Microsoft Office to kill Google Docs?

Tweet Last few weeks have been very interesting in the technology industry. It seems like the whole industry is at war. Now, the latest has come from Microsoft’s arsenal. The events in chronological order: Microsoft surprised Google with it’s search(decision) engine Bing. Google retaliates with announcement of Chrome OS. Now, Microsoft is planning to provide […]

Monitor your Gmail account activities

Tweet Have you ever noticed in the footer of your Gmail that you can monitor your account activities? You can click on the “Details” to see all the recent activities on your accounts. Check the screen-shots below to see more details. Things you can do using the details screen: Check the IP addresses from where […]

Browser wars intensifies – Firefox 3.5 hits more than a million download

Tweet The browser war has intensified with the release of the new version i.e. Firefox 3.5. It claims to be 50% faster than the older version and has many improvements. I’m was always a fan of Firefox but recently I started using Google’s Chrome along-with Firefox too. Chrome is has become popular for faster rendering […]

HTML 5 to drive next Technology Boom!

Tweet HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language Version 5) is a new specification being developed to move HTML forward in the realm of Web applications. The current version of HTML is designated 4.01 used since 1999. HTML5 is the main focus of the WHATWG [Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group]. HTML5 is intended to replace HTML4, XHTML1 […]

StrongWebmail CEO’s mail account hacked!

Tweet #FAIL The History: StrongWebmail offered $10,000 reward to the person who breaks into their CEO’s email. To show their strength and belief in their product, the CEO even provided his user name and password (CEO at StrongWebmail.com; password= Mustang85). Official words: “StrongWebmail.com is offering $10,000 to the first person that breaks into our CEO’s […]

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