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Quick highlights of New iPhone 3G(S)

Tweet Faster Phone (Yes ‘S’ in 3GS stands for much improved ‘SPEED’): – 50% bump in CPU speed; it now runs at 600MHz – The system memory has doubled to 256MB Key Features: – 3MP Camera with auto-focus – Video enabled camera can shoot video @ 30FPS – 16GB & 32 GB variant ($199 & […]

A caffeine boost for your electronics!

Tweet Thanks to TechCrunch/CrunchGear,  I just saw a fundoo product which look more like a Starbucks coffee cup to me but actually  it is a car power inverter for your gadgets (Laptop, Phone, iPod, and  et al.). It has two AC outlets and a USB port. The Coffee Cup shape of this gadget should fit […]

Needed: Password protection for Apps in Phones/Gadgets

Tweet Anyone who has an iPhone or similar phone/gadget (G1, Blackberry, etc) definitely has at-least few installed applications in the phone which has access to some personal and confidential stuff. Consider this, you give your phone to another person for whatever reasons (make a call, play a game, check weather, etc) but at the same […]

New next generation iPhone pictures leaked!

Tweet The screenshots of next generation iPhone was recently leaked on a Chinese forum though it was quickly taken off later. Rumors says that the new iPhone will have a 3.2 megapixel, auto-focus camera along with a magnetometer-driven compass. Checkout the images below. The picture below show the difference in the picture quality of two […]

Google: Expect 18 Android Phones by Year’s End

Tweet Google disclosed today [28-May-2009] that by end of current year, there will be at least 18 Android (Google’s mobile operating system) based phones in the market. Currently, there are only two Android based phones available in the market: T-Mobile’s G1 (available in US) and HTC-Magic (available in Europe). The level of competition among the […]

AT&T to Deliver 3G Mobile Broadband Speed Boost

Tweet AT&T (NYSE:T) today announced plans to upgrade the nation’s fastest 3G network to deliver considerably faster mobile broadband speeds. The network upgrades are slated to begin later this year, with completion expected in 2011. The upgrade to High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) 7.2 technology is part of AT&T’s plan for continued investments to deliver […]

Circuit City – Rises from Ashes!

Tweet Just like Phoenix the Circuit City brand has risen from its ashes.Yes! Circuit City has been re-launched under a new management and ownership. As per the official release: “On May 19, 2009, Systemax Inc. [NYSE:SYX] purchased the Circuit City brand and website. Systemax Inc. has been in business since 1949. Systemax Inc. is a […]

Best Buy prices Palm Pre for $849.99! Is this a joke?

Tweet Best buy has priced Palm Pre for $849.99. Check the screen shot below (from Best Buy website). Check here: Best Buy

Palm Pre release date and pricing announced but … ?

Tweet Palm has finally announced the release date of its much hyped “Palm Pre” phone. They are releasing it on 6-Jun-2009 i.e. just 2 days before the Apple’s WWDC (8-Jun-2009).  Check here for more details. Palm and Sprint have priced Palm Pre for $200 (after $100 of mail-in rebate) along with a two-year contract. Two […]

Big-Screen E-Readers: Is it Next Big Thing?

Tweet To me it looks like the next big thing in media industry is going to be the Big-Screen e-readers just like a bigger version of Amazon Kindle. The rumour is ripe that most of the big magazine/newspaper publishers are looking into their own version of the readers. Current version of Amazon Kindle sell for […]

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