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What’s new in iPhone OS 4? Over 100 new features

Tweet The new iPhone OS4 has more than 100 new feature but the most prominent features are below: Multitasking: Now you can run your favorite third-party apps — and switch between them instantly — without slowing down the performance of the foreground app or draining the battery unnecessarily. Folders: Organize apps into folders with drag-and-drop […]

Key Features of Google’s Nexus One

Tweet The key features of Nexus One are: Manufactured by HTC. The Nexus One features dynamic noise suppression from Audience, Inc. A large 3.7″ OLED display for deep contrast and brilliant colors. GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ chipset for blazing speeds. Running on Android 2.1, the newest version of Eclair The software includes innovations like a voice-enabled […]

Google’s New Marketing Strategy for Nexus One Phone – Will it work?

Tweet Google announced the launch of its new generation of super-phones starting with  Nexus One. Along-with the announcement of the phone Google has adapted a new strategy for selling phones i.e. through its online Google Store. Currently the phone is being offered as unlocked phone for $529.00 (Buy the phone without service and insert your […]

All about Google’s Nexus One Phone – Reviews, Videos, Cost of Ownership

Tweet Google has launched its own phone Nexus One. The reviews across the web have been mixed: Techcrunch says: Overall the Android is a superior mobile device, particularly when paired with Google Voice. Google is calling this the first of the Super Phones. And they may not be exaggerating all that much. The Nexus One is an […]

LG launches Expo Projector Phone in US on AT&T Network

Tweet Check out the recently launched commercial of the LG Expo Projector phone. The LG Expo is a Windows Mobile smartphone for AT&T with a built-in pico projector. The phone was first showcased in CES 2009 (scroll down and see the last video). Hands-On With The LG Expo Projector Phone – PC Magazine: CES 2009: […]

Texting While Driving Video (Graphic): A scare tatics to change people? See the video on YouTube

Tweet Now with explosion in smart phones people mobile phones are not just used for texting but people use it for updating their status on Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, the the danger of texting while driving has increase manifolds and so has the actual counts of accidents worldwide. Recently the Gwent Police Department produced a […]

Microsoft Launches OneApp Unlocking the potential of “feature phones”

Tweet Microsoft (MSFT) today announced that it is launching OneApp, a new software application that allows “feature phones” to run popular mobile phone applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger and Mobile Wallet. Feature phones are mobile phones that are capable of running some apps but that lack the capabilities of smartphones. OneApp actually […]

Future: Wearable, flexible, stretchable displays using inorganic LEDs

Tweet A team of international researchers have developed a new process to create ultrathin, ultrasmall inorganic LEDs (light emitting diodes). Researchers have also developed printing processes for assembling these devices into arrays on stiff, flexible and stretchable substrates. Possible future applications: high-resolution home theater displays wearable health monitors biomedical imaging devices.  The team:  Collaborative efforts […]

HTC introduces Sense UI and Flash in HTC Hero

Tweet HTC has officially announced their new phone Hero. This is  a first customized Android based phone called HTC’s Sense UI. This is the first phone that supports Flash Technology. HTC cliams “New HTC Hero Delivers More Complete Web Browsing Experience with Adobe Flash Technology“. Seems like Apple’s iPhone needs to some catching up on […]

iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update (Official Text)

Tweet Below is the text shown in the official release of iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade screen. It is hsown when This update contains over 100 new features, including the following: • Cut, Copy & Paste with shake to undo • Landscape keyboard in key applications • Enhanced Messages application – Send and receive photos, contacts, […]

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