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Bawaal Labs launches “Majikal” an iPhone app to discover local events and aims to make your events more social

Tweet Sept 16, 2012, New York – Bawaal Labs has today officially launched its Majikal (pronounced:  magical) app on the iPhone platform. Majikal is a location aware, social mobile platform that lets you discover and explore events happening around you. It aims to redefine the social experience around events. Discover Events: Information about events is […]

A guy’s battle with cancer – Music saved his soul! 8 Chemotherapy’s + 19 Radiation’s = 9 Songs

Tweet Excerpts from his blog: The first album formed during the treatment of my cancer medication, chemotherapy and radiation. Around the world many die because of this painful disease and the therapy. To overcome the pain and the trauma, music was the soul thought and expressing it in words with the lyrics attached is the […]

Donate $10 for Haiti Earthquake Relief by texting “Haiti” to 90999 – Red Cross

Tweet Now you can donate $10 by texting the word “haiti” to 90999. This is the easiest way to donate money for the noble cause. This initiative by Red Cross is backed by United States State Department. $10 will be directly billed to you by your mobile carrier. This innovative campaign of donation combined with […]

Google Blogs’ Top 10 posts of 2009

Tweet Google has been blogging for more than five years now. Their first post was in April 2004 and since then 423 post have been published and last year they were read by more than 14,493,472 readers. Google released their blog’s top 10 posts of 2009, by unique pageviews: Introducing the Google Chrome OS – 2,591,794 unique […]

Man steals bus and posts the video on YouTube – Now video is evidence against him in court!

Tweet In an interesting piece of news, a man steal a bus and then video tapes his adventure and then upload the video to YouTube. The same video has now been used as an evidence against him in the court. According to WCAX, “Thirty-eight-year-old Jacob Rehm of Morrisville was arrested for allegedly taking the $500,000 […]

Microsoft Tweets – Google exec: Don’t quit Microsoft Office for Google Docs

Tweet Microsoft happily Tweeted the link to a blog which quotes a Google executive admitting that Google Docs simply isn’t good enough yet for prime time. “We wouldn’t ask people to get rid of Microsoft Office and use Google Docs because it is not mature yet,” Dave Girouard, president of Google’s enterprise division recently admitted. […]

Most Tweeted YouTube video yesterday – Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Tweet The below video was the most Tweeted video on YouTube yesterday (10th Nov 2009). YouTube has recently made it very easy to share its videos on various popular social-networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Orkut, Live, Spaces, Bebo, and hi5. This is What YouTube Thinks About Social: Over one million people are AutoSharing […]

Meryl Davis & Charlie White – Figure Skating on Indian Folk Dance -2009 Rostelecom Cup

Tweet Simply amazing to watch figure skating on Indian Folk dance.

Halloween e-card: Obama mask or shoe polish? Is this funny or racism?

Tweet Above is the screen-shot one of the e-cards that the website www.someecards.com had published on occasion of Halloween. This e-card was also available in its iPhone application and seems like Apple contacted Someecards to remove the ecard from the iPhone app which it removed promptly (else Apple would have definitely banned the app from […]

YouTube shattered – shaken and broken into pieces! See to believe it!

Tweet Have you ever seen a video which actually shakes the YouTube video and then shatters the whole YouTube page into pieces. Can’t believe it! Seeing is believing – http://www.youtube.com/experiencere. It is a video ad for sustainable energy company from Spain called Acciona.

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