Quick highlights of New iPhone 3G(S)


Faster Phone (Yes ‘S’ in 3GS stands for much improved ‘SPEED’):
– 50% bump in CPU speed; it now runs at 600MHz
– The system memory has doubled to 256MB

Key Features:
– 3MP Camera with auto-focus
– Video enabled camera can shoot video @ 30FPS
– 16GB & 32 GB variant ($199 & $299)
– 15-20% improvement in Battery life
– Voice Controls
– Compass
– Supports tethering (via USB or bluetooth) – depends on service provider (Sadly, AT&T doesn’t supports it)
– MMS (AT&T isn’t ready yet, probably by end of summer)

Bottom Line: Decent upgrades for iPhone. Previously announced new iPhone OS 3.0 available on June 17.  But AT&T needs to keep up with other service providers in the world! Really, why does the telecom industry in America sucks so much? Anyone for that?

Check out the offficial release statement for more details:

Compare the older and newer version of iPhone here.

Popularity: 1% [?]


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