Needed: Password protection for Apps in Phones/Gadgets


Anyone who has an iPhone or similar phone/gadget (G1, Blackberry, etc) definitely has at-least few installed applications in the phone which has access to some personal and confidential stuff.

Consider this, you give your phone to another person for whatever reasons (make a call, play a game, check weather, etc) but at the same time you are scared that he/she might access your confidential data (email, financial data, etc), so what do you do then? Keep an eye on your friend? Constantly peep into the phone screen to check what is he/she doing? Now that would be rude!

Currently, iPhone has password protection for phone screen unlocking process (just like any other phone). I think every phone should have a better application management interface than the current one. Probably a control panel to manage the installed applications. The control panel should allow the user to individually set password protection for all the installed applications. The password should be the default password which is used to unlock the phone i.e. no need to keep individual password for each application.

Now some Eureka moments, while writing up this post a thought came to my mind: I think every operating system (read Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc) should have this password protection feature as a built-in service. The password protection would allow the people to protect certain sensitive applications to be opened even though someone has access to your unlocked PC/phone/gadget. This password should be same as the login password so that it removes the issue of remembering multiple passwords.

If you really like this feature and want this in your phone/pc please “tweet” this to spread the message and probably someone at Apple/Microsoft/Google might be listening?

Let the power of “Social Networking” prevail!

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