Yahoo 360 to close on July 13, 2009

yahoo360 Yahoo 360° is closing on July 13, 2009. Fortunately for 360 users (though I doubt there are many) Yahoo is giving an option: “To stay connected, we recommend moving your content and posts to your new profile on Yahoo!. After July the 12th, you will not have access to anything on 360°.”

I remember I did signed up for Yahoo 360° (in early 2006) but never used it later. The only country where Y! 360° is popular is Vietnam, so for them Y! has created another product specifically targeting Vietnamese people [Yahoo 360 in Vietnamese].

I don’t think this closure of 360 is going to have any real impact in social networking world (read Facebook, Twitter, etc) but it is still another product from Yahoo which is now being taken off (Briefcase, Photos, etc). Seems like Yahoo is streamlining their offerings and trying to consolidate/aggregate their products.

360° Users have multiple options to import their blog posts:

  • Download your blog post and then import into your blog on (WordPress or Blogger).
  • Move your blog post to your Yahoo! profile.

More information on preparation for the closing of Yahoo! 360° can be found here:

Popularity: 1% [?]


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