Monitor your Gmail account activities

Have you ever noticed in the footer of your Gmail that you can monitor your account activities? You can click on the “Details” to see all the recent activities on your accounts. Check the screen-shots below to see more details.

Gmail Footer

Gmail Footer

Things you can do using the details screen:

  • Check the IP addresses from where your gmail account was last accessed. Put in the IP address here to know the location.
  • You have the options to sign-out all other sessions (if you think you have any sessions open anywhere). Better be safe than sorry!
  • It also gives the details about date and time when the account was accessed.

I find these options very useful for people who access their Gmail account regularly using public computers (such as cyber-cafes, shared desktops, etc). If you ever think that your account is compromised first of all sign out all the sessions immediately and change your password immediately.

Activity Information

Activity Information

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