Palm Pre release date and pricing announced but … ?

Palm Pre Phone

Palm Pre Phone

Palm has finally announced the release date of its much hyped “Palm Pre” phone. They are releasing it on 6-Jun-2009 i.e. just 2 days before the Apple’s WWDC (8-Jun-2009).  Check here for more details.

Palm and Sprint have priced Palm Pre for $200 (after $100 of mail-in rebate) along with a two-year contract.

Two issues which caught my attention and would like to mention are:

Q. Why releasing it two days before the Apple’s WWDC?

In my view the most important reason for launching Palm Pre just before WWDC is that most of the original/first iPhone users will be out of their 2-years AT&T contract and it is a good time to poach them before they sign-up another 2-years contract extension. Also, some of the old iPhone user might be looking for a change and ready to try another phone.

If the phone is good enough then this might be considered as one of the smartest move made by Sprint/Palm. I like the guts and agressiveness shown by Palm/Sprint. Hope the phone lives upto the hype and expectations.

Bottom line is :We desperately need some serious competition to iPhone!

Q. Why price it for $300 and then give a mail-in rebate for $100?

I don’t understand the concept of stupid mail-in-rebate unless Sprint is counting to make money on the fact that quite a few people will fail to fill up mail-in rebate. This kind of approach sucks! Why not just sell the phone for $200 straight away? Why does the company needs to add more hassles to the already reluctant potential buyers.

There is still plenty of time to rethink their strategy or do some customer surveys before Palm/Sprint finalize their plan. Is anyone @Palm or @Sprint listening?

BTW: I own an iPhone.

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