YouTube readies for some early spring cleaning

YouTube is getting ready for early sping cleaning this year. By cleaning they mean to enhance site design and user experience. In past few years YouTube has released quite a few features on the site and will now remove the feature which weren’t a success. Also, YouTube is making a “to do” list and is looking for user vote here.

From YouTube blog:

What will this mean to you? Well, it means you’ll see some things about the site design evolving to be more consistent across the site. And some things that haven’t worked as smoothly as we would have liked them to will get the attention they deserve. Lastly, we may determine that some things we tried out just didn’t fly and remove them from the site.

We’ll be using a number of inputs to build our “to do” list: usage data that shows the things you use the most versus things that very few people use; usability testing that can help us understand what’s broken that needs fixing; and, last but not least, we’d like to hear from you directly…

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