World’s Tallest Skycraper, Burj Dubai, to open on Monday

Amid the economic crisis in Dubai on Monday Burj Dubai the world tallest building will be opened. Burj Dubai is almost twice the size of Empire State building in New York.  It took more than astounding $20 billion to build.

Some interesting facts about Burj Dubai:

  • 95: distance in km at which its spire can be seen
  • 504: rise in metres of its main service lift
  • 57: number of lifts
  • 49: number of office floors
  • 1,044: number of residential apartments
  • 900: length in feet of the fountain at the foot of the tower, the world’s tallest performing fountain
  • 28,261: number of glass panels on the exterior of the tower

Check the comparison image below to see all the tallest buildings in the world:

Comparison of all the tallest buildings

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