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The latest trend is to climb the corporate ladder with the help of plastic surgery. Today, more and more, people are opting to go under the knife as a way to get ahead at the office. If your features start to droop, the theory is, your career will go sour.
Why do people take such desperate measures to get ahead? Joe Scarborough discussed this with Dr. Anthony Griffin (Plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills) and Dr. Robi Ludwig(Psychotherapist).

According to Dr. Anthony Griffin being in a competitive, youth-oriented, visual world right now, everyone needs edge over others. He further said that its quite common, in fact the the statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has shown that, over the last couple of years, men have been actually one of the fastest-growing groups of getting plastic surgery. Dr. Anthony Griffin further said that he often comes across who are quite sure that they are psychologically ready for this. There are many technologies such as fillers, collagen, Restylane, lasers which don‘t even actually involve a surgical procedure.

Robi Ludwig on the other hand said that it is the Hollywood effect. According to him people today compare themselves to billboards and visions of beauty that are altered by cosmetic surgery. Looking at these images, they tend to look at themselves differently in a more negative way. He said the whole perception is that if you want to be competitive and well received in the workplace, you need to look good. It’s basically a desire to look beautiful which is manifesting in a slightly different way because of medical technology.

Ludwig mentioned two stages of plastic surgery, one is the vanity surgery, where somebody who‘s attractive, want to be more attractive and the other is the self-esteem surgery for the people who have a distraction or something that doesn‘t allows to focus on them or what they have to say. The biggest increase is in the area of Self- Esteem surgery that helps the person to build the self-esteem.

The conversation ended when all of them agreed that if surgery helps someone feel better, and it‘s safe, there is no harm in it.

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