Big-Screen E-Readers: Is it Next Big Thing?

Big E-Reader (source: NYTimes)

To me it looks like the next big thing in media industry is going to be the Big-Screen e-readers just like a bigger version of Amazon Kindle. The rumour is ripe that most of the big magazine/newspaper publishers are looking into their own version of the readers.

Current version of Amazon Kindle sell for $359.00 which I believe is very expensive. Probably, publishing companies can provide cheaper e-readers to users if they sign-up for contracts (think like telecom industry) or even do a revenue-sharing with wireless service providers to provide the data service on the e-readers (for browsing).

Benefits of the using the e-readers for publishers:

– Save big money on publishing cost (no paper, no inks, less labor cost).
– Dynamic content: e.g. Upload breaking news instantly.
– Multi-media support: Audios & Videos.
– Multiple editions of newspapers: Morning, Afternoon, Evening version or may be a late-night versions for readers like me.
– Real-time tracking of user habits like popular news, preferences, social trends, etc. Definitely very powerful information for any company. This informations can be used to better serve the readers and even the publishing companies can spin-off another company which basically provides data to the marketting companies and the likes.
– Bigger online advertisement revenue. Advertisers can be charged for per hour of their ads display.
– Last but not the least: think about how many trees would be saved using e-readers. GO GREEN!

Major Disadvantages:

– Unemployment: less paper used, less labor for printing, less machinery used.
– Cannot cut discount coupons from e-readers.
– Cannot re-use the e-readerĀ i) to wipe out spills, etc ii) for packaging content (fillers)

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