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Review & Highlights: Updated Facebook (3.0) App now available for Apple iPhone

The much awaited update for Facebook application for iPhone is now available on iPhone’s app store. It is available in iTune’s app store since yesterday (download link). If you are not able to see the application in your update list (as in my case) just delete the application from your phone and re-install the application. I installed it and it is definitely a major overhaul compared to last Facebook application for iPhone.

Highlights and screen-shots of the new release:

  • Main screen ( I call it Home Screen) of the app is like the iPhone screens i.e. icons aligned a grid with multiple sliding screens.
  • The home screen come with icons such as News Feed, Profile, Friends, Inbox, Chat, Requests, Events, Photos, Notes (as shown in the pic below).
The Home Screen (note the “Notifications” bar)
  • Notifications: The bottom bar (footer) of the main screen is notification, just tap on it to see all the notifications.
  • Add a Favorite: Click the (+) sign in top left corner in main screen to add customs icons for friend’s profile you frequent or for Facebook pages you like or are a fan of.

My 2nd screen. See the first icon as "Bawaal" page on Facebook and then icons represents friend's profile.

  • Supports landscape mode.
  • Default Screen: This screen come every time you open the app. Initially the default screen is “News Feed” but it can be changed to Family, Pages, Status Updates, Photos, Links, Video, Notes & Gifts (as shown in the pic below).

Customize your default screen

  • You can rearrange the icons and the process is similar to iPhone mechanism i.e. keep pressing the icons for few seconds and the icons will start shaking. You can now rearrange icons and even delete the custom icons you created. Remember to press the done button on screen instead of the home button of iPhone.
  • When you go on a profile page you have three tab in the bottom “Wall”, “Info” and “Photos”.
The profile, I hope the profile person doesn't mind ;-)

The profile, I hope the profile person doesn't mind 😉

  • Built-in browser to open the shared links.
  • Push Notifications – Joe Hewitt, the official Facebook app for iPhone developer, noted on his twitter account that the most deserved feature – Push Notifications – will be available when Apple releases the iPhone OS 3.1 update.

Final Verdict: Though its late but not too late, the much needed app is now available. I was hardly using Facebook on iPhone since I never liked the older Facebook app. Definitely, a move in right direction by Facebook. This move can help Facebook counter the exponential growth of Twitter. If you like facebook then this app is a must!

My personal opinion– “I like this app even better than the web page itself.”

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