Microsoft Launches OneApp Unlocking the potential of “feature phones”

Pic coutesy: Microsoft OneApp

Pic courtesy: Microsoft OneApp

Microsoft (MSFT) today announced that it is launching OneApp, a new software application that allows “feature phones” to run popular mobile phone applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger and Mobile Wallet.

Feature phones are mobile phones that are capable of running some apps but that lack the capabilities of smartphones.

OneApp actually is targetted for emerging markets where smartphones have yet to make an impact and people are using “feature phones”. This software unlocks the potential of of feature mobile phones and enables people to do more with their phone. The result is a better mobile experience for the many people around the world who want to do more with the phones they already own.

OneApp is designed from the ground up to enable mobile apps to be accessed by feature phones with limited memory and processing capability. For customers, OneApp appears on their phone as a single application where they can then easily access all of their mobile apps:

• The OneApp lightweight on-phone footprint of just 150 KB makes the initial installation easy and fast.
• OneApp dynamically launches just the parts of a mobile app that a person wants to use, eliminating additional installation time and the need for a person to store all of the mobile apps on the phone.
• OneApp includes cloud services that help offload processing and storage from the phone to the Internet, improving overall performance.
• OneApp uses data networks efficiently to reduce data access charges, saving money for the customer.

More about Microsoft OneApp is at

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