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7 Essential Twitter Netiquettes


  1. Twitter is a micro-blogging service, DO NOT use it as a chat room or instant messenger.
  2. If you have a message larger than 140 characters please use email/blogging service DO NOT Twitter. DO NOT split your messages into multiple tweets to avoid 140 character limit.
  3. Twitter is NOT intended to be used for huge conversations (avoid using more than 2 levels of @ replies). Stop cluttering the feeds of your followers unless you want them to go away.
  4. We DO NOT need your minute to minute updates unless you have something important or unique to say.
  5. DO NOT adopt the policy of “I follow you and you follow me“. Unless you are Ashton Kutcher/Larry King/CNN 😉 (Pun intended).
  6. Use “Re-Tweets” wisely. DO NOT Re-Tweet (RT) a message more than 2 times a day unless it is a life threatening issue/situation (better dial 911) .
  7. Last but not the least: DO NOT tweet for the sake of Twittering! (I know I’m breaking this rule by twittering the post but sorry can’t help it 😉 )

So now share your inputs about the above “Tweeting Policy”.

Happy Twittering! And Yes DO NOT forget to TWEET / RE-TWEET THIS! 🙂


  • This post was written since I had nothing to Tweet about. I had to Tweet something.
  • All ideas are purely based on author’s logical/illogical sense.
  • Follow the advice AT YOUR OWN RISK. Author shall not be held responsible for any decrease in number of followers, though any increase can be attributed to the author 😉 .
  • This post was (not) intended to hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • All Twitterholics/TwitterManiacs please excuse my post.
  • Netiquette = Network + Etiquette

Update: Saw a nice post on Mashable:  “10 Twitter Best Practices for Brands

Popularity: 1% [?]


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