Erin Andrews Video Peep Pictures: Search is still on!


It is now more that 5 days after the news spread like wildfire on the web that Erin Andrews was video taped (naked) through a peep hole by a miscreant.

We reported the leakage of the video on the our website: Post 1. (19th July 2009)

Then we again reported how easy it to see the video using Bing’s video search feature: Post 2. (21st July 2009)

What surprises me is that this topic is still topping all the search trends on the web. The only thing which is changing in the search trend is the combination of the keywords. The keywords are different variants of same thing floating around such as “erin andrews video peep pictures rapidshare” , “erin andrews video peep pictures megaupload”, “erin andrews peephole pictures”, etc.

People get over it now! Let this story die!

Popularity: 1% [?]


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